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Our nursery is nestled in a valley of the southern Blue Ridge Mountains, just north of Asheville North Carolina. Our beneficial climate and altitude of 2100 feet allow us to grow many varieties of dwarf conifers, suitable for a broad range of planting zones and particular planting locations.


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Propagation and Field Growing

Most of our Dwarf Conifers begin with cuttings from other plants.Cuttings are placed in a small bed in an outdoor polyhouse, where they can begin their lives in a protected environment. Next, we transplant from the polyhouse setting to small containers, where they may begin to harden off and become adjusted to outdoor life. Our trees may remain in containers for several years or more. Finally, the plants transplant them to our fields, where they will continue to mature, establish good root systems, and become fully acclimated to outdoor conditions. All our Dwarf Conifers are left to grow in our fields for a few years - in some cases, 15 years or more. This allows for slow, natural growth where the trees can develop good roots and a strong, healthy natural-looking form that won't require shearing, trimming or pruning.



Container Growing:

Field Growing:

Hand Digging:

Machine Digging:


Preparing for sale

Once a plant has been selected for a new home, we very carefully dig, ball and wrap the tree in preparation for moving. Our preparation is done with care to ensure that the entire plant, from root to tip, is well-protected for transportation and re-planting.

Please contact us by phone or e-mail for purchasing directly from our nursery location.
Mail orders/online orders of our dwarf conifers are available from

Mountain Meadows Landscaping & Nursery
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