Mountain Meadows Nursery has been operating for 30 years here in WNC.
We specialize in unusual evergreens & dwarf conifers such as
Hinoki Cypress, Cryptomeria, Spruce, Junipers, Pines, and so on.
Our selection is constantly improving and we are now starting to carry
a nice variety of dwarf and miniature hostas and perennials.

We have greenhouses with 1-5 gallon plants, and fields with much larger plants
that can be dug and transplanted to your location.

We don't carry plants that you find at Lowes or other retail stores.
Our plant collection has come from arboretums, private collectors, and other purveyors
of unique plants. We propogate the plants here at our nursery
and grow them (normally 5-10 years)
until the time they are sold.

Ordering Information

Please contact us by phone or e-mail for purchasing directly from our nursery location.
Mail orders/online orders of our dwarf conifers are available through our planlist page

or from

Mountain Meadows Landscaping & Nursery
40 Elkins Branch Road
Weaverville NC 28787

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